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ما هو العلاج بتحليل السلوك التطبيقي؟

تحليل السلوك التطبيقي هو نهج مثبت علمياً لفهم السلوك وتغيراته وأثر البيئة في تشكيلة، حيث يشير إلى مجموعة من مبادئ تحليل السلوك وكيفية حدوث التعلم من نواح عدة. أصبح هذا العلاج رائد لعلاج الاضطرابات السلوكية والنمائية لاحتوائه على أدوات منهجية وقوية لمساعدة أطفال اضطراب طيف التوحد أو ذوي الاضطرابات السلوكية أو النمائية على تغيير سلوكهم بطرق إيجابية طويلة الأمد.

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Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills pertain to skills involving large muscle movements, such as independent sitting, crawling, walking, or running. Fine motor skills involve use of smaller muscles, such as grasping, object manipulation, or drawing.

If your child is having difficulty with balance, going up or down stairs or struggling with moving their body during play an OT is able to help your child develop their bodies and coordination.  

An OT is also able to help improve detailed controlled movements like fastening buttons, controlling electronics or even feeding themselves.  The OT will conduct a detailed assessment of your child's existing skills and help create a custom treatment plan that will guide them in gaining the skills they need.  

Play Skills 

Not everyone learns to play in the same way.  Sometimes it takes a professional to help practice the basics of play skills with your child.  This means not only patience but also creativity to make learning fun.

Sensory Integration

One of the biggest challenges for children in todays world can be handling all of the experiences they face.  Being able to accept and respond to all of the intense sensory experiences in our society can be overwhelming and interfere with learning, making friends, and being successful at home and school.  That is why we offer sensory integration. 

Sensory Integration includes knowing your child's specific sensory triggers and needs, creating a plan with your treatment team and finally helping your child to learn how to best respond to intense sensory experiences.  Together, we want to help you and your child become confident and in control of their sensory needs. 

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